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SURFARIS - Remote Coastal Surf Adventures


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blue nature travel - Costa Rica


Surf Costa Rica! Whether you want to travel alone or with others blue nature travel has a number of programs to accommodate you.
Choose from three different tours and discover the treasures of the Costa Rican coast. 


blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica


Discover with blue nature travel a world of paradise that is Costa Rica! This country has everything to let the heartbeat of any surfer
go faster. Imagine perfect breaks and clear water. No wetsuits, just bring your boardshorts! Don`t forget your camera to capture
the magnificent diversity of nature from sea to jungle.

A complete experience brings the Pura Vida lifestyle close to home making your trip and unforgettable journey.


The surf


blue nature travel offers year-round surf trips to Costa Rica (Panama trips soon to come!). Choose between trips that fit your surf-skill and
travel needs. Whatever you are looking for – the possibilities are endless. Its up to you! 


blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica blue nature travel - Costa Rica


Surf trips


blue nature travel offers a wide variety of surf trips for all levels and all requirements


Flexible, spontaneous and individual – The Surf & Drive Flex “Go with the swell”

If you usually travel without a plan and you don`t like to book anything in advance
then blue nature travel has the perfect program for you – the Surf & Drive Flex. The idea is to book a hired car and dated hotel vouchers
and you choose your route. blue nature travels offers you exceptional prices for accommodations and transportation throughout Costa Rica.
This program is great for the independent traveler who likes to go with the flow and follow the swell.

Guided Surftour “Go with the locals”

Find yourself guided by a local, german/english speaking guide to explore the best surf spots of the central and northern pacific coast
of Costa Rica. You will travel together with a small group of other surfers on defined dates. Discover world famous surfer`s paradises
like Playa Hermosa, Playa Negra or Santa Teresa and secret spots, whose names only the locals know. Any of the well
selected accommodations are located close to the spots. Advance your surfing skills in tropical warm waters with the advise of
your experienced guide and surf until you can`t paddle anymore.

Requirement: Surfers should be able to surf green waves in “normal conditions” with confidence.


Organised trip with a hired car “Offshore Breeze”

blue nature travel organizes a hired-car trip tailored to your surf and travel desires. As an example you can find on the webpage the
Offshore Breeze version, which can be changed due to your wishes. One of our favorite trips, for example, explores the best spots of
the northern and central Pacific coast. Accommodations are close to several breaks that offer perfect conditions for all surf levels.
Choose between a quiet stay close to nature or head to town and find yourself immersed surf-town culture. This program offers a deluxe
and a budget version (budget version coming soon).





The Prices depend on the travel program, the number of participants, the time of traveling and the surf destinations. Just check out the
webpage for details. 



How to get there


blue nature travel helps you with the booking of your flight to Costa Rica. Just contact them and get your offer without commitment.



Languages spoken


Depending on the travel program you should speak English or German. If you speak Spanish it will definitely make the contact to the local
people easier, but it is not necessary. 


If you are not sure which program is the best for you, just email blue nature travel.
All the programs are proposals – an individually planned tour can be created easily. Local guides and travel panners are equipped with
many years of experience in the surf and tourist industry. With the help of these experts, your Blue Nature Travel tour is sure to be
the vacation of your dreams in the tropical paradise of Costa Rica.







www.blue-nature-travel.de (english)
(Important note! The English version of the webpage is coming soon! Please contact blue nature travel directly in English, Spanish or
German for further information This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


All information without engagement. 
Effective: April, 2012


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