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Adventurekeys Surf Camp


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Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout


Adventurekeys Surf House, typically decorated in the Moroccan style, is located in the picturesque town of Taghazout close to Agadir.

A large rooftop terrace provides an exceptional view of the well-known surf spots of the great south (Panorama, Banana Point, Hash Point,

Boilers, Mysteries and Anchor Point), all within less than a 5 minutes’ drive. A few metres from the beach, surfers from all over the

world enjoy a very relaxed and family-like atmosphere. 


Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout


The Surf Camp


The House
The surf house is equipped with 10 bedrooms: dorm rooms with bunk beds for up to 6 people, budget rooms on the basement level with

2 bunk beds for up to 4 people as well as double and private rooms. The house has 5 bathrooms, 3 kitchens (one of which is at everybody's

disposal) and an upstairs TV room where you can choose between surf movies or channels of the world, books and surf magazines.

The open rooftop terrace is perfect for BBQs at night or just to chill out. The town itself is a great place to experience local restaurants,

surf shops and traditional market, all just few minutes’ walk from the house.

Taghazout is a surf town 20 minutes north of Agadir, about three and a half hours from Marrakech. Since there are no addresses

in Taghazout, the best thing to do is to give the hostel a call upon arrival. Another option is to ask at the Cafe La Paix in the main street

for Adventurekeys surf camp, or for Youness/Yassine. Also the owner of the Maroc'n Roll surf shop next to the cafe, Larbi, and his

friends Karim and Ayoubin, will be able to give directions. 


Guests can choose from a B&B, half board or all-inclusive option. There is a kitchen on the third floor that is at everyone’s disposal. With

the all-inclusive option, guests receive the opportunity to experience traditional Moroccan cuisine. The food of Morocco is a reflection of

its long and colorful history, with French, Spanish, Jewish and Arab influences making a rich addition to the culinary traditions of the Berbers.

Arab influence was the first to be felt and is by far the most dominant. Delicious Moroccan gourmet meals are cooked by talented local

chefs every night. Traditional dishes such as Tagines (a mini cone-shaped clay oven stuffed full of vegetables, seafood, or meat and

then steamed over hot coals) and couscous with veggies will be served. For those with less exotic tastes, some more 'western' dishes will

be provided. For lunch there will be salads, sandwiches and fresh fish on the beach. Breakfast includes freshly baked breads, spreads,

cheese, cereal and, once a week, homemade crepes. Daily vegetarian meals are also available.


Going Out

Agadir is a very western oriented city, Taghazout is a small, Muslim surf village. Adventurekeys provides party tours in Agadir at least once

a week. An Ibiza-like party should not be expected, but it is still a very fun experience. There are night-clubs and bars that will be visited

on the tour. They serve alcoholic beverages, but since alcohol is rare in Morocco, it doesn't come cheap in nightclubs.



Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout

The Surf


Morocco offers all kinds of waves, from gentle beginner waves to heavy reef breaks for more advanced surfers. The best swells hit the

region between November and March and the Adventurekeys Surf House is located close to the famous surf spots of the south:

Killer Point, Anchor point, Hash Point, Boilers, La Source, Panoramas, and Banana Point. 


Surf Lessons

Adventurekeys employs qualified surf instructors exclusively, who have grown up shredding the waves all around the world and who will

give their students quality lessons. Every morning, the team leaves for the best surf spot suiting the students’ level, where they will receive

a two hour practical instruction followed by a two hour free-surf. Adventurekeys’ guests can use the boards as much as desired, so there

is the possibility to spend all day in the water.


Surf Safari
Surfari is a great option for more experienced surfers. Every day there is a different swell, a different wind etc. This does not matter,

as Adventurekeys’ guests will be transported to the best wave of the day, no matter where it is on the coastline.


Adventurekeys’ professional local surf guides will drive to the spot and explain all there is to know about the spot on the way, such as how

to get in and out, the currents, and type of wave.

Surf Equipment
Surfboards are available for rental (shortboards, longboards, mini-mals, bodyboards). Guests, of course, are also welcome to bring their

own boards, which can be stored in the board room. 



Prices for accommodation, surf courses and boarding


Adventurekeys offers individual options and packages 


Individual options

• Bed only: 13 EUR/Day - 91 EUR/Week
• Bed & breakfast: 15 EUR/Day - 105 EUR/Week
• Half board (Bed+breakfast+dinner): 20 EUR/Day - 140 EUR/Week
• Full board (Bed+breakfast+lunch+dinner): 24 EUR/Day - 168 EUR/Week
• Surf lessons only: 20 EUR/Day - 120 EUR/Week
• Surf guiding: 10 EUR/Day - 60 EUR/Week
• Surfboard rental: 10 EUR/Day - 60 EUR/Week
• Wetsuit rental: 5 EUR/Day - 30 EUR/Week


Please Note:
Adventurekeys offers discounts for groups. EVERY 6th person FREE! More information is available at: +212666669891 or +212676069495

or +212528200517


Full Package costs 49€/Day per person and includes:
• 3 healthy meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• Surf equipment and surf lessons
• Surfari
• Weekly visit to the traditional "Hammam"
• Trip to the Souk in Agadir
• Partytour in Agadir


Surf Lessons Package costs 39€/Day per person and includes:
• 3 healthy meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• Surf equipment and surf lessons


Surf Guiding Package costs 39€/Day per person and includes:
• 3 healthy meals a day - breakfast, lunch, and dinner
• Surf equipment
• Surfari 



The Region


Care for a winter break? With 300 sunny days and perfect winter swells, Morocco is the best place for an inexpensive surf trip and only a

short plane ride away. The region around Taghazout consists of little surf villages where international surf culture meets local

Berber traditions. Tagines, djellabas, and the daily call for prayer are as much part of daily life as surf shops, boards, and a Sunset burger.

In case of some flat days, there is a lot to experience around Agadir: the souk in the city center, a visit to the hammam, a bike tour in

the mountains, or a trip to Paradise Valley with a fascinating waterfall. At night there is nothing better to do than to enjoy the beautiful


Morocco is a safe country to travel (even for solo female travelers), as long as common sense is used. Women are regarded differently

than in Europe, since Morocco is a Muslim country. If one dresses and behaves respectably, there will not be any problems. Local customs

are to be kept in mind, therefore, travelers should not walk around town without a shirt or in a bikini, or just walk into a mosque. 



How to get there


The closest airport is located in Agadir. In addition, there is the possibility to fly to Marrakech and get to Taghazout by bus. Ryanair

and EasyJet offer very low-priced flights.

This is how you get to Adventurekeys Surf House from the airport:

From Marrakech
Upon arrival at Marrakech-Menara airport and without too much luggage, there is the possibility to take bus No. 19 to the centre of town.

Otherwise a taxi, which can be found at the airport exit, will go there in about 15 minutes (Negotiating is essential here, since taxi drivers

like to charge tourists more). Once there, the Supratours bus station (www.supratours.ma) can be found near the Gare de Marrakech,

and the CTM bus station (www.ctm.ma) around the corner. Both companies offer rides to Agadir for 100 Dirham (about 10 EUR) and

take three and a half hours. Another option is a Grand taxi which costs 80€ by day and 120€ by night.

From Casablanca:
There are a few transportation options from the Mohammed V airport in Casablanca: either the train to Marrakech and from there a

CTM (www.ctm.ma) or Supratours bus (www.supratours.ma) to Agadir, or a train to Casa Voyageurs and a Supratours bus directly

from there. These run at specific times every day and take 6-8 hours to reach Agadir. Alternately, a taxi will go from the airport to the

CTM station in Casablanca (which should cost 100-150 Dirham), where a bus to Agadir will be available (around 190 Dirham one way).

The quickest route is probably the train to Marrakech and then a bus. The train can be crowded though, so it is best to get a first class

ticket with a seating reservation. The price difference is not major.

From Tangier
There is train running from Tangier via Rabat-Casablanca to Marrakech. From there the bus goes to Agadir (see below).

From Agadir
Adventurekeys offers a pick-up service which can be booked in advance. In this case, the team will send a taxi. Alternately, taxis can

be found at the airport exit which will drive to Taghazout for about 300 Dirham (Café Lapaix would be the destination and upon arrival it

is best to ask for Yassine). The local buses are a cheaper option (7 Dirham), which goes first to Agadir and then from there, bus No. 32 or

33 to Taghazout. The bus stop in Taghazout is located around 15 metres from the Café Lapaix.




At Adventurekeys English is the main language but since there are guests from all over the world there is a colorful mix of different

languages every day.



Adventurekeys Surf House Taghazout


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