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Kamafari Surfcamp (Bali)


Kamafari Surfcamp is the perfect place to be if you like to spend a surfing holiday in a relaxed atmosphere apart from the

mass tourism and going surfing in Boardshort, hanging around with like-minded people and just having a great time.

The camp opened in spring 2011. It is famous for its individually, authentic and friendly atmosphere. 


Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp


The Surf Camp 


The camp is located on the peninsula Bukit only 10 miles away from the airport. All the famous surf spots are just nearby.

To get to the surfbreaks of Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles or Bingin takes 5 minutes by car. Other great beaches

for swimming, tanning and playing are just around the corner. 


The house has got two floors and is built in typical Balinese style. It is surrounded by a beautiful garden and you have

a fantastic sea view. When surf sessions during the day are over the house is a great place to chill and relax.

The guests can choose between double or dorm rooms. The doubles are equipped with bamboo king-size beds (plus mosquito net)

and a little patio. The dorms have bunk beds for a maximum of 4 persons.


After a long day of surfing there is nothing better than having a relaxed evening. Chilling at the campfire, having beers and listening

to some laid back guitar tunes at the beach is how you could spend the night. Other than that, party trips to the nearby city of Kuta

will be well and quickly organized.

Whatever package you’ve booked there is breakfast (7 times) and supper (5 times) included. The kitchen crew has got Saturdays

and Sundays off- an opportunity to explore some lovely restaurants in the neighborhood or maybe just having a BBQ.

In the camp there are also internet access, billiard, TV/DVD, Playstation, Slackline, massage, Jamcorner etc. available. 


Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp Kamafari Surfcamp


The Surf


No matter if you are a beginner or a pro in Bali there are the perfect waves for every surfing level. Camp guests are brought to

the right spots at the right time by trained surfing coaches. Every day the coaches are watching the waves so they find the

ideal practicing conditions for everyone. That’s the reason why everyone will have a high training intensity.

Equipment, theoretical learning and trained surfing coaches will teach you how to surf or how to improve your skills.

During the day you are out in the water surfing and in the evenings there are individual video analysis and theoretical

learning available. 




1 week Package includes:
- 7 Nights in choosen Accommodation
- 7 Breakfast
- 6 Dinner
- Infos about spots, tides & waves everyday
- 1 week a lot of fun
1 Person
2 Persons
1 Week
154 €
2 Weeks
298 €  
22 €
1 Week
210 €
308 €
2 Weeks 410 € 606 €
30 €
44 €
6 Days
150 €
12 Days 290 €  
25 €
Surfboard Rental
50 €
8 €
ca. 3 €
Airport Transfer
15 €



About the region


Bali offers a lot of preferences just like hospitality, a relaxed atmosphere, beautiful beaches and if nothing else the legendary

waves, which are breaking in perfection at several spots throughout the whole year. (Hospitality, decent climate, a relaxed atmosphere,

beautiful beaches and at least the legendary waves, that brake in perfection at various spots throughout the whole year are

only a few of Balis features.)

Whether you like partying, chilling in bars and restaurants or exploring fascinating cultural sights- there is something for

every taste! Bali is often called the island of the gods or the last paradise on earth. It offers high class surfing and breathtaking

flora and fauna.

With more than 40 famous surf spots, Bali suits perfectly for every surfing level. The water temperature is between 26-30 degrees,

air temperature between 24-32 degrees and consistent surf are the perfect conditions to enjoy surfing the whole year around. 


How to get there


Direct and comfortably reachable by plane. Most of the time it’s easier to book a flight to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur and then

book a connecting flight (e.g. AirAsia to Denpasar, Bali) 


Languages spoken

You should be able to communicate in German or English.


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