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Planet Surfcamps


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Planet Surfcamps Le Pin Sec

On the French Atlantic coast between Bordeaux and Biarritz, Planet Surfcamps runs three surf camps in the villages of Le Pin Sec,

Vieux Boucau and Moliets-Plage. The camp in Le Pin Sec is situated on the local campsite, only 80 metres away from the sea and

surrounded by pinewood. Apart from surfing you can body board, play beach volleyball or boule, and explore the area by bike.



Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps


Accommodation and Board

Just like in Moliets and Vieux Boucau, you are accommodated either two people sharing a tent for four or three people sharing a

tent for five. However, you don’t have to sleep on the ground since the tents are equipped with camp beds. But bring your own

sleeping bag or bedding. 


The camp has a large kitchen, an eating tent and a party and training tent. You can hire bikes and sports equipment free of

charge and use Playstation, TV, stereo and ping-pong table.


Enjoy a great breakfast for 70 Euro extra per week and at the same time make your lunch pack for the day. In the evenings you

get a warm dinner (also vegetarian) with salad and dessert. 


Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps Planet Surfcamps

Surf Courses

Planet Surfcamps Le Pin Sec offers surf courses for beginners, intermediates and advanced surfers. You can choose between

20-hour courses (20 x 45min) and 10-hour courses (“Surf and Chill”, 10 x 45min) or take a 10-hour bodyboard course (10 x 45min).
The maximum group size is 8 people while there’s always one instructor for 4 students. Together with your instructors, you can set

your own personal learning goals at the beginning of each course.

Planet Surfcamps provides surfboards and wetsuits free of charge.


Dates and Additional Services

You can book for 7 or 14 days. The surf season runs from June till October, and the prices vary between 149 and 239 Euro

depending on how many surf lessons you book (10 or 20 hours).


The following additional services are included at WaveXperience Le Pin Sec: 


• Punch evening, sunset surf, video night, beach volleyball, and much more
• Tours to Biarritz, Lacanau, San Sebastian and to the „Fête de Bayonne“
• Insurance
• Airport, bus, and train station shuttle from/to: Bordeaux (at an additional charge of 50 Euro – divided by passengers –

and only on Saturdays from 11am to 4pm)



Le Pin Sec is situated in the Landes du Médoc, department Gironde (33), Aquitaine region. The region’s largest city is Bordeaux.

The entire coast line of the Côte d’Argent ( „Silver Coast“ ) should be well known to all surfers. The region hosts some of the best

surf spots in Europe, and international contests are held here every year, e.g. the Quiksilver German Champs.

The pinewood of the Médoc and the Landes, mainly man-made since the 18th century, constitute the biggest coherent forest area in

Western Europe. While thus the hinterland is characterized by woodland, there is a long line of dunes with a lot of excellent

surf spots and beautiful beaches on the coast.


How to Get There

Airlines such as Ryanair, AirBerlin and EasyJet offer flights from lots of European cities to Biarritz, Bordeaux, San Sebastian and Bilbao.
From Belgium and the Netherlands as well as from Germany, Austria and Switzerland there also go coaches to the Aquitaine region.

Prices are between 125 € and 170 € (return ticket).
Or go to Dax by train and have yourself picked up at the station by the Planet Surfcamps team. If you prefer to drive your car down

to France, this is your destination:


Camping Le Pin Sec
Mairie de Naujac
Place du 11 Novembre
33990 Naujac sur Mer



You should be able to communicate in either Spanish, English or German.



Planet Surfcamps (English)

Planet Surfcamps (German)

Planet Surfcamps (Spanish)


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Effective: July 2010


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