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KRUNK Surfing


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KRUNK Surfing

Krunk Surfing is a surf shop paired with a surf and kite school. With many years of experience, the Krunk team can also offer you any

kind of accommodation, rental cars, and much more. With them, you can have a totally customized surf trip. Besides that you

have the possibility to get your own custom board shaped by Krunk’s shaper Q and have it individually designed by Cen.


Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing

Surf camp

Krunk Surfing do not run a surf camp in the classical sense, but customize your entire surf trip to your needs, e.g. according to your

budget and surfing skills. Feel free to choose your accommodation from a simple hostel room to a villa with sea view, and have Krunk

provide you with the vehicle you prefer: a low budget rental car, a 4x4 jeep or even a caravan – all is possible.
The surf school operates on a daily basis, meaning that you can join any time you like. Krunk offer all kinds of surf lessons on all skill

levels but will also just show you around the island guiding you to the best spots. Simply get in touch with them, and they’ll do the rest!


Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing Krunk Surfing


Fuerteventura, also known as the Hawaii of Europe, offers decent surf all year round, though the big swells hit the island during winter

time. Between Corralejo (east coast) and Cotillo (west coast) the north shore is waiting for you with a great selection of different reef

and some beach breaks. But also in the south of the island many spots are to be discovered!

Have a look at our spot gallery for more information about Fuerteventura’s spots.



Krunk Surfing offer you all year round surf lessons & camps, individual accommodation as well as rental cars and much more. Prices vary

as to season, in winter time they are generally cheaper.

For the surfing lessons, all run by experienced and internationally accredited teachers, the current prices are as follows:



1 day
50,- EUR / 5 hours
3 days
125,- EUR / 15 hours
5 days
195,- EUR / 25 hours
7 days
245,- EUR / 35 hours


The maximum group size is 8 students, but Krunk also offer private lessons and guided tours for advanced surfers. 



Fuerteventura is the second largest of the Canary Islands and situated 120 km west of the Moroccan coast. With more than 300

days of sunshine per year, average water temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius and good waves all year round, Fuerteventura is also known as the island of eternal spring. You’ll find the best surfing conditions from September to April.

Not only the picturesque villages, solitary landscapes and the amazing steep coast are very attracting, but also the capital,

Puerto del Rosario. The town’s sightseeing spots are the harbour, the esplanade and the historic buildings. If you stay there in the

beginning of the year, you’ll have a great carnival experience.


How to get there

Many European Airlines (also Ryanair) offer direct flights to Fuerteventura. It’s highly recommended to compare prices to get the

cheapest rates. The airport is situated in the middle of the island, approx. 40km from Krunk Surfing in Corralejo.

You can also bring your own car to Fuerteventura car, taking the Ferry from Cadiz. The passage takes about 2 days and is not really

cheap, but if you have in mind to stay for a longer period and want to use your own car, this could be an alternative.


Custom boards and custom designs

Experience the difference surfing your own custom board tailored to your specific needs! Krunk Surfing’s shaper Q has lived and

worked on Fuerteventura for more than 20 years, his Pirate Boards are well known around the Canary Islands. Another extra Krunk

can offer are custom designs made by Cen for your new shaped board or for the one you already use.



You should be able to communicate in either Spanish, English, German or Swedish.



KRUNK Surfing 


All information without engagement.

Effective: May 06th, 2010


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