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Casa Surf


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Casa Surf (Costa Rica)

Since 2004, the Swiss-Tico couple Eve and Giovanni have been running Casa Surf in Playa Avellanas. It consists of a surf school,

surfboard rental, small basic rooms as well as a bakery (don’t forget to try Giovanni’s fantastic chocolate coconut cake).

From there you can reach many surf breaks - for beginners and pros - by foot.


Casa Surf Casa Surf Casa Surf Casa Surf Casa Surf Casa Surf


The surf camp

Casa Surf offers perfect accommodation for the low budget surfer: the five rooms, two shared baths and the kitchen are simple

and small, but also safe and clean. Furthermore Eve, Giovanni, the two dogs Wellech and Coyote, the young cat Speedy as

well as some hammocks guarantee for an amazingly pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. You can enjoy Giovanni’s delicious meals

as well as participate in drum and, of course, also surfing sessions.


Casa Surf Casa Surf Casa Surf Casa Surf Casa Surf Casa Surf


Surf lessons

Both Eve and Giovanni are very experienced surfers and surf instructors who are happy to teach you there passion.


The surf

The Spots in Playa Avellanas are perfect for all kinds of surfers. You can easily walk from Casa Surf to the beach break with

various peaks, to a river mouth as well as some reef breaks (rights and lefts).

The spots break on different tides, so you can surf here all day long everyday. If this still isn’t enough, empty beach

breaks (like Playa Marbella) or world-class spots (like Playa Negra) can all be reached by a short drive. Furthermore,

Eve & Giovanni are happy to organize boat trips to Olli‘s Point and Whitches Rock; both, as well as Playa Negra,

were shooting locations for the surfing movie “Endless Summer 2”. 


Here’s a short collection of the spots:

Avellanas Beachbreak: Right and left waves break on sand. Most people surf directly in front of the restaurant Lola’s,

but there are lots of less frequented peaks. Conditions are best just before high tide.

Buruja, Commercial & the Left: Fast, long right and left waves break a little south of Lola‘s, partly on the reef, partly on sand.

Be careful when the tide is falling, best surfing just before high hide

La boca: River mouth / reef break with left and right waves. This is where the most turtles show up, so the spot is also

called Turtles Paradise.

Little Hawaii: The reef on the northern end of the Avellanas beach offers a nice right wave, at the same level at the Marriott hotel.

Just as at La boca, be careful with the rocks when waves are low and with the stream when waves are high. Best at mid tide.

You can look at some pictures from Playa Avellanas here.


Surf Season

Costa Rica has two seasons: in the dry season (from December to May) waves are usually high to shoulder-high, quite often

with an offshore wind all day. The bigger waves come in the rainy season (June to November), normally with a light offshore

breeze in the morning and after the rain.


The price at Casa Surf is just unbeatable: 10 US$ per person and per night, the whole year around.
Ask for the prices for surfing instructions, surfboard rentals, surfing trips and food & beverages. If you’re short of money,

you might even earn your dinner by doing some work.



Guanacaste is part of the Nicoya Peninsula on the pacific Coast of Costa Rica. It is the driest and sunniest region of the country.
Playa Avellanas lies about half an hour drive from touristy town Tamarindo. But unlike Tamarindo there are consistent waves,

crystal-clear water and only small crowds. Eye-to-eye contact with one of the many marine turtles is common in the line-up.

How to get there

By plane to San Jose or Liberia. From both cities it is possible to catch either a public bus (bus change in Santa Cruz) or a

cab to Casa Surf.

Check out Casa Surf’s website for further information.



You should be able to speak either English or Spanish. Or just ask Eve for help, she speaks seven (!) languages.


Casa Surf (English)


All information without engagement.

Effective: Feb 25th, 2010


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