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The Fokkers (UPDATE) Print E-mail
Friday, 03 February 2012 14:17


The Fokkers are five friends, who are only interested in surfing, surfing, having a good time together and surfing. The Fokkers are all in their early-mid twenties and have met during several surf trips or contests, and since then have traveled often together to pursue their greatest passion: surfing.


Originally, the Fokkers Surfrew has been founded to participate in the Nike Chosen Contest 2011 - where the name comes from isn’t traceable anymore. The only certainty is that the name is pronounced in the same way as it is written...


The Fokkers 

The Fokkers in "Da House" close to Lisbon at Carcavelos beach, in front of the swimming pool in their backyard...


Dane Hall with a stylish double grab air, is supported by Patagonia, 58 Surf Shop


The common interest has brought the five friends together, despite coming from different cultural and surfing backgrounds and diverse regions in Europe. Dane Hall (aka. "The Blender" ) is originally from St. Ives, a small fishing village in Cornwall, where he has also started surfing at a young age. Dane celebrated numerous national and international contest successes in the UK and at European level on the WQS and moved with his parents at the age of 18 years to Peniche, Portugal. There they run the Peniche Surf Lodge. His home break Supertubos is also his favorite wave, which he ripps almost every day with radical and precise power surfing. Almost everyone who has ever been for more than a few days in Peniche, should have noticed him at some point, because of his exceptional surfing and his friendly behavior in the water.


Jens-Phillip Petersen

Jens-Phillip Petersen with a Bs-Tailslide, is supported by SurfandFashion Fehmarn, Light and Xcel Wetsuits


A completely different background has Jens-Phillip Petersen ( aka. "Mr. Miyagi" ), who is from Hamburg and whenever there’s something on the Baltic Sea that begins to move, you can find him ripping the onshore mush, no matter whether the sun is shining in summer or during the snow storms of the rest of the year. Because of the "slightly" more consistent surf and warm water, the Baltic Local repeatedly went to "study" in Portugal - currently in Lisbon, where he lives with the other Fokkers together in Da House, a villa close to one of the best beach breaks in Europe , Carcavelos. If you should see a really blond guy who (at least) on every second wave makes a 360° or something similar, chances are pretty high that there is Mr. Miyagi on the loose.


Paul Grey 

Paul Grey shows here with a powerful snap, why he is supported by O'Neill and Fatum Surfboards


Born in Berlin, but grew up in Portugal, Algarve Local Paul Grey ( "Fat Pauli" ) has lived in Lisbon for a few years to study (more than just a bit, sometimes he gets kind of nerdy...). Thus he comes in the water after university on a regular basis to surf and Lisbon is not too far away from his favorite wave Crazy Left in Ericeira, which is a good replacement for his home spot Ponta Ruiva. The three-time German vice Champion is a stand out in many lineups because of his powerful carves and snaps, which also gained him some respect at national and international contest level, where he surprised people, being german and knowing how to surf really well. Meanwhile, Fat Pauli also tries "radical chop-hops" and other nonsense, since technically challenging and beautiful to look at power surfing gets so boring after some time ; )


Philipp Katzenstein 

Philip Katzenstein here with an Fs-Slob Air, is supported by Semente surfboards and Globe


The German-Portuguese Philip Katzenstein ( aka. "Fuckenstein" ) is 20 years old, the youngest of the Fokkers. The local from Carcavelos grew up near Lisbon, at the Linha do Estoril, he has ventured by traveling with the Portuguese and German junior national team a long way. Moreover, it seems as if the student knows every other individual in and around Lisbon, so it's not always easy to reach him via phone, because he seems to be constantly on the phone and talking to someone (mainly his girl friend). This doesn’t change that much in the water (but he still manages to catch a lot of waves) - however, with the offer of free beer this behavior stops surprisingly fast...


Yoyo Terhorst

Yoyo Terhorst here with a nice Bs-Carve, who is supported by Power Balance, Rock Star Energy Drink, Buster Surfboards and Santa Loco Surf Shop


Eisbach River wave local Yoyo Terhorst ( aka. "Täubchen" ) from Munich, is assessed similar, although the trend is slowly towards the Internet instead of his mobile phone – or both in one. With many trips and long stays abroad, like a few years in Australia, Yoyo can be found nowadays more at sea than on the river. And now his winter is spending half a year together with the other Fokkers in Carcavelos, from where he is pretty fast in Ericeira or Peniche to surf empty but perfect waves, including his favorite wave Crazy Left (about that he has to argue, following his own words, all the time with Paul).

The Fokkers are five friends from different backgrounds, who surf and train together as much as possible, or just having fun and taking themselves not seriously at all, like some others might do. Surfing is of course the main reason these five stick together, because they met thru surfing and due to the fact that all five currently live in the Lisbon area, regularly surf trips are on the agenda. The last one was heading down to the Algarve, where they were surfing beach and point breaks for three days from sunrise to sunset. During these few days they also filmed a bit and some of this footage will find its way to the internet in a small webisode, maybe also to you on the screens. So keep watching out for what happens in the near future and what can be seen from the five or check out the Fokkers Facebook page, where regularly surf photos and videos of the Fokkers or strange artifacts from the world of (internet)surfing are published. 


The  FOKKERS - HI-RES PICS (Flash required!)

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Here's the video of the crew:

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Filmed with Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3
Music Fischerspooner - Money Can't Dance
Surfers: Dane Hall, Philipp Katzenstein, Yoyo Terhorst, Jens-Phillip Petersen and Paul Grey


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