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The Chosen - Crew Video-Contest by Nike (UPDATE) Print E-mail
Sunday, 17 July 2011 10:50


Nike carries out a Video-Contest and the FUS-Crew strives to win ...

To stand out is the main aim of "The Chosen". The instrument to do so is a movie as inventive as possible. Just send this film in and you may be one of the chosen few ... The FUS-Crew did really push hard! Who wants to support their dedication, should vote for the boys!


FUS Crew


The FUS-Crew just finished their shootings. Their new surf video is realy lavishly made, full off special effects like 3 D Matrix shoots, superslomotion, macroshoots, timelaps and so on. With this incredible video the FUS-Crew takes part in the biggest extrem sports video contest all over the world. The "Nike The Chosen" contest!

Like you can imagine, the competition of other countrys like Brasil and USA is very strong...therefor the guys need your support!

Under the following link you can find the profil of the Crew and from Monday on (18.07.2011) also the above mentioned video. Go to: http://apps.facebook.com/nike-chosen/crews/fus

You also can support the guys with clicking "liked" on every foto on their profil. Every vote pushes the Crew more to the top.


For more information about the Nike Video-Contest, look here.

Alternatively you can watch this video. There you get to know what´s the contest about and which prices you can win.

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The video has now been published (Flash required):


Direct link 


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